Photographer of the Year

juxtapositionRummaging through my old files in search of an entry of this month’s “Photographer of the Year” competition, I came across this photo from our visit a few years ago to the “Oceanographic Museum of Monaco“.

The theme for the month had me stumped – “Juxtaposition”.  I found out that it didn’t actually mean exactly what I thought it meant! So the idea is to have things side by side to demonstrate a contrast or similarity between the items. I thought that this photo shows a contrast in texture and shape, but a similarity in colour and tone. 

I don’t really have high hopes of winning this competition – but it’s fun to enter and to vote on other people’s entries each month – its amazing how many interpretations of a theme there can be! So far I am about half way down the table – not great but not too bad! I am happy enough with that!!!

What do you think? Do you have any photos that wold fit the theme of “Juxtaposition”?

Nicola Keegan

I have an interest in all things "techie", design, photography, writing, cooking, rugby, reading and music!

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