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Dealing With Relationship Conflicts

It’s fair to say that the more time you spend with another person, the more you become aware of traits that could start to annoy you! Irritations can fester and can build into bigger conflicts and problems. An oyster creates pearls by covering small pieces of grit or sand with layer upon layer of nacre (mother-of-pearl). So is it possible to turn small irritations into something more beautiful? How can you view small irritations and annoying habits so that they don’t create conflict or destroy a precious relationship.

As with many things, it all starts with your attitude. Think about the qualities that attracted you to the person in the first place, what do you appreciate about the person? Often they are qualities that balance our own, hence the expression “opposites attract”! So when you think about the things that annoy you, is it possible that this is just another side of a quality that can be positive? For example, could someone who is slow also be patient? Someone who is too laid back – are they the type of person who can stay calm under stress? 

Viewing things in a positive light can often make them seem less annoying and less of a big deal. So why not think about each of the annoying traits and think about the positive side of that quality and how it could be a positive thing in certain situations? You might find it make the world of difference to you relationship! For more relationship advice on subjects like this, visit this website.

Nicola Keegan

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