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Addictive Games?

I have to admit that occasionally, I get addicted to these “Time-Management” games that you can download.  I seem to go through phases where I play one of them for a while until I get a bit fed up, and then don’t play anything for ages and ages.

One of them I enjoyed (for work-related-research-purposes.. of course!!) was “Chocolatier – Secret Ingredients”. 

The aim of the game is to save Baumeister Confections and become a Master Chocolatier.  You have to travel around the world purchasing ingredients at the best possible price.  You then take the ingredients to your factories, and manufacture the chocolates and then sell them for the best possible profit.  The ingredients prices, and the selling prices of the chocolates depend on the current seasons and markets. As you travel around, you also collect and make up new recipes that sell for higher prices.

You can play the game for free for an hour (to get you addicted!), and then you can purchase the game if you wish.

Have fun 🙂

Nicola Keegan

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