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One Small Step!

patterrific_patt_8blacktransfloral02I am hoping to sign up to some online courses in the near future to delve into the realms of web design. So far I have just googled whatever I want to try and do to learn as I go along.  But as I don’t really understand the basics very well, it is very time consuming!  

Today I managed to change the header for my website.  

I downloaded a transparent pattern from Patterific.com (too many goodies to choose from – I definitely be returning to this site!), and used Photoshop Elements to make it into a pattern.  I tried to work out how big the header in the Elegant Grunge theme was, and created a new file in Photoshop the same size.  I then used the pattern stamp (and the new pattern I had created earlier), and filled the whole image.  I then made the layer more transparent, and added text (Nicola Keegan) in a font that I have used for my watermark.

What do you think?

It’s very satisfying to learn something new – even if it’s only a small thing! I can’t wait to learn more 🙂

Nicola Keegan

I have an interest in all things "techie", design, photography, writing, cooking, rugby, reading and music!

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