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 I have been experimenting a bit recently with some things that I have discovered on some “Digital Scrapbooking” sites.  I enjoy  paper scrapbooking occasssionally, but it can get very messy and expensive! So I thought I’d give this a go..

It’s actually amazing what you can do even with “Photoshop Elements” that I got with my camera a few years back.  I have gone way over the top, but there were so many cute things I wanted to squeeze in…

rugby-herowebHere is another one (my first attempt!) – it isn’t particularly good, but it’s fun anyway!

Thanks to FAS, as I am unemployed at the moment, I will be able to do some online courses for free. One that caught my eye was for Photoshop CS3 – I am excited to learn to use it properly at long last!

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