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Black Forest Mousse!

eaten-recipeOn Saturday night, I decided to try a variation on my chocolate mousse.  I was originally hoping to buy some chocolate pudding to use, but Tesco Ireland doesn’t ever  seem to stock any.

So, I put some chocolate cake/sponge in the bottom of each individual serving dish.  Then I drained a tin of black cherries in syrup, and poured the syrup over the sponge.  Then I put some of the cherries in each of the bowls, on top of the cake.  Next, I made a chocolate mousse using a mixture of dark and milk chocolate, butter and egg yolks, and folded in the whipped egg whites.  A few dollops of the mousse went into each bowl, topped with a dollop of whipped cream, a cherry and some dark chocolate shavings. Voila!

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