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const_symbolThanks for visiting my site! You may have noticed that has undergone a dramatic change recently.  I thought it was about time that my site got updated, so that’s what is happening!

I am hoping to integrate both my photos, and my personal blog within this site so family and friends can stay in touch, and keep up to date with our news and latest photos.

The idea is also to set up a little mini-business selling prints of some of my photos, and also taking orders for custom made photo books.  Since I lost my job, I will (hopefully) have a bit more time and energy to devote to this.

I started using WordPress at work, and really liked the professional looking results you can get relatively easily – even with no programming or design knowledge whatsoever.  However this does mean that I am learning as I go along, so bear with me if things look a little topsy turvy to begin with!

If any of you reading are more familiar with WordPress or NextGen Gallery – you may be able to help me with one or two things… If you click on my “Photo Gallery” page, you will see that my “Albums” are currently in only one column.  I can’t work out how to set them out in more of a grid. Any ideas?  Also, when you open up an album, and click on one of the thumbnails, the “landscape” oriented photos look ok, but the “portrait” oriented ones look HUGE – which is not good as they are quite low quality photos, and they look really rubbish when they are that big.  Any ideas on that one?

Anyone who would like to add comments on the design , who notices any broken links or glitches, or who has any other ideas is welcome to post below!! I would appreciate your comments!

So that’s it for now – come back and visit soon!

Nicola Keegan

I have an interest in all things "techie", design, photography, writing, cooking, rugby, reading and music!

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