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Springtime in Donegal

I think Spring has arrived!

springflowers donegal inshowen

February has just come and gone, and despite some horrible windy weather here in Donegal at the beginning of the month, I think Spring has finally sprung!  We have had some amazing sunshiny days, and of course I have been out and about with my phone taking snapshots to share with you!

During February, we also had a group of 12 people visit from Minnesota, USA.  It was a lovely opportunity to show them around the beautiful Inishowen Peninsula.  There also took hundreds of photos – mostly of newborn lambs I think!  They had a great visit with us, and I think they would like to come back again.  It’s actually good to come to Ireland in the Spring and Autumn as flight prices are usually a little bit lower than peak season.  There are more and more great flight comparison sites out there like which not only help you to find the best deal, but also have a price drop guarantee. You will also find at these times of year that holiday homes are a good bit cheaper to rent.

The last couple of weeks we have got to visit Glengad, Leenan, and a bit more of Inch Island.   I also enjoyed a beautiful Sunday afternoon walk on “My Beach” (it’s what I call it as it is just across the road form our house 🙂 ).  So here are some of my photos from the last month. Hope you enjoy beautiful Inishowen!!

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