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Snow and Ice!

We have been having one of the coldest winters ever in Ireland.  The temperatures have dropped to -17 in some places, and the lowest we have seen here is about -12! Even in Malmo we would have considered that cold!

It makes life a little difficult though – some of the country roads are impossible to drive on, and as you can imagine, it’s not easy for a window cleaner to be able to work when the water just freezes on the windows!

On the upside though, we have seem some spectacular scenery – sunshine, no wind, blue skies.. and best of all, a frozen lake!!!  As I was not working today, I had the chance to dig out my rarely used ice skates and take a spin on the lake! I was so excited as it has been more than 10 years since I was last ice skating. I am definitely very rusty, but I managed not to fall over at least! I think I will just have to go out again tomorrow and practice a bit more!

Enjoy some photos of Ireland in the snow… (click here for the whole gallery)

.. and also a video of me skating!!

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