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Quick Bulgogi Recipe!

Here is a quick recipe that I tried yesterday (Thanks Michelle!) – it was delicious!! No photos I am afraid… Next time!

Korean Bulgogi

1lb lean boneless pork or beef (cut into thin slices)

3 tblsp soy sauce

2 tblsp crushed garlic

1 tblsp grated ginger root

2 tblsp brown sugar

2 tblsp red pepper sauce (which I didn’t have, so I used a big tblsp chopped red chili)

2 tblsp rice wine vinegar (which I also sisn’t have, so I used a slosh or red wine, and a dash of white wine vinegar)

2 tblsp sesame oil (I onlt had toasted sesame oil, and I find it’s flavour overpowering, so I used about a teaspoon of this)

1 onion, thinly sliced

Chopped spring onion if you have it

A few sprinkles of sesame seeds

Combine all the ingredients for the marinade, and stir – add the meat and marinate for as long as possible!

Stir fry on a high heat, and serve with steamed rice. I fried the meat in batches, and set aside each batch as it was done – then combined all the meat, the veg, and the rest of the marinade t the end.

I also added some small pieces of broccoli, which I had boiled for a few minutes, some asparagus, also slightly cooked, and some chopped green peppers.

Enjoy 🙂

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