Paris in August!

We just arrived home from a lovely few days in Paris.  We managed to find some reasonably priced flights to Paris, and Ernest, who was in Athlone for a while kindly invited us to stay with him.

August is a funny time to visit Paris because it is the month when Parisians go away on holiday!  Many of the shops and restaurants (apart from the city center) were closed up.  However it is a good time to visit as it isn’t quite as busy as maybe July.

The Metro and bus system are brilliant – so easy and cheap to whizz around the city. And in Paris there is always so much to see and do.  We must have walked for miles and miles over the last few days!

Highlights for us were sharing our visit with Ernest, meeting some of his friends, and some of ours, and also eating some great French food! The French really know how to do food, although they have a lot to learn about service from the Americans 😉

We had some delicious pastries, coffees, ice creams and lunches in some of the many street bistros.  We also ate one night at this lovely restaurant – “Bistro Des Dames“.

Other highlights were the Aquarium, the Monet Museum and the Musee d’Orsay.

Looking forward to visiting Paris again!!!!!


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