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More about our holiday..

Here are some links to some of the places we went..

IMG_4622Cumberland Island: This is where we went camping (yes, to anyone that really knows me well, I WENT CAMPING.. and survived!). Its a beautiful island where the number of visitors is limited so that it is never overcrowded. There are 18 miles of beaches, and when we were on the beach, we hardly saw any other people!

The highlight of Cumberland Island for us was the wildlife! We saw armadillos, dung beetles, wild horses, fireflies and wild turkeys! The only animals I really didn’t appreciate were the nasty vicious mosquitoes!

IMG_4467Okefenokee Swamp: On our way to Cumberland Island, we visited Okefenokee Swamp.

We went on a boat trip down the river, saw alligators up close and personal, and everyone but me went to the animal show! I couldn’t go because I have a very bad snake phobia!

Moon River: We made a return visit on our way back to Macon to a lovely little microbrewery in Savannah  that we had visited last time we were in USA. They have very tasty beer, and great food! I ordered a started of Nachos, and the plate was big enough for all of us to share and not even finish!

IMG_4647Georgia State Fair: One of the cool things about us usually visiting in October is that we get to visit the Fair.  This time, and the last time, the weather was absolutely scorching! I loved every minute of it!

The kids got to go on some rides and eat candy floss and toffee apples. We got to eat Barbecue!

We also saw lots of cattle – the cleanest cows I have ever seen – wee bunny rabbits, and animals of all shapes and sizes!

survivor015Survivor Party: We were very glad to be invited to a Survivor Party in Warner Robins by heath & Kelly.  This was one of the highlights of our holiday!  Anyone who has seen the TV show will know what the idea is. Teams, and then individuals compete to be the last surviving survivor! You have to partake in challenges, try to win immunity, forge alliances, and vote your other tribe members off one by one till there is only one left! Michelle managed to make a comeback (thanks to Tim!), and ended up coming in second place.  Donal and I managed a modest 7th & 8th place!

Its hard to describe it all, but it was just great fun! So thanks Heath & Kelly for doing such a wonderful job of organizing it!!

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