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A lot of you are probably starting to feel the effects of being in isolation or “lock-down”. Especially extroverts and huggers who thrive on human contact, being at home alone can be a real challenge. The best information that I have found on coping with the effects of isolation and loneliness is here – do have a look!

For others, being at home and not having as much contact with others is actually a bit of a relief! Many people are finding that they are catching up on some me-time! Resting more, starting projects that they have meant to try for years, and catching up with friends from all over the world via video, and social media.

The two main subjects of my blog, photography and cooking are two things that are perfect ways of using your time productively. Why not start some of my photography lessons? I have to admit that that is one of those things that I would love to update and enlarge upon, but I am actually working more during this pandemic rather than less! 

Stay safe!

Nicola Keegan

I have an interest in all things "techie", design, photography, writing, cooking, rugby, reading and music!

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