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nicola1This is a real nifty thing that I came across today!

I really like fonts that look like handwriting – especially if I am adding text to photos, or printing recipes, or making cards etc.  On this website, you can generate your own font from your handwriting!

It’s very quick and simple.  You download a template with boxes for each letter of the alphabet for you to fill in in whatever style you like (you can see an example of a template filled into the left here).  You can either download it as a PDF file, scan it, save it, and upload it on the website – OR you can download the template as a GIF file, open it in Photoshop or similar, and either use the brush tool with your mouse, or a graphics tablet, save it, and upload it again onto the website.

You then get to preview your font to see how it looks.  When you are satisfied with your new font, you click on the “Download” button, and your new font is installed and ready to use.  It costs $7.50 via PayPal.

I also came a programme that you can buy to generate as many fonts as you want – but then, of course, the cost is higher.  But if you just want a one off font of your own handwriting, this is really cool!

Have fun!!

Your Fonts - Font Generator

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