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Dealing With Stress!

During these last few months, many people have been dealing with problems, anxieties and stresses that are completely new and unique.  Maybe you have had to adapt to new routines, working from home, homeschooling, maybe even losing a job. Add to that this unique situation when you have limited contact with friends and family, and it can be easy to start to feel stressed and alone.

So what can we do to help one another deal with stressful feelings and situations? 

I have found an article that is extremely helpful and that has helped a lot of my friends to cope, and even thrive.

Here are some of the highlights! (You can read the full article here)

Try to live one day at a time and identify what it is that stresses you. Worrying about what might happen tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year isn’t going to help – it is only going to make you feel more helpless and anxious. While it is important to think and plan ahead for the future, when you are feeling anxious it can be easy to only focus on problems or obstacles that might come up.

A tip that can help you right away is to make a list of anything that is making you feel stressed or anxious – add big and small things. Then put this list into two columns – one of things that you can do something about, and the other that you cannot. Forget about the second list for now – these are things that you can’t change, so there is no point stressing about them. Now, look at the first list, and work on each item, one at a time. 

Writing down what is stressing you is a help in itself, it enables you to focus on what the problem is. Sometimes even seeing it down in writing can make the problem seem smaller! By breaking down your anxieties, you may see a pattern in things that triggers how you feel. Maybe by working at improving your personality in a certain way you can begin to lessen stress. For example, do you notice that situations when you are around other people, or new situations make you feel anxious? Why not work hard at improving your self-confidence, or learning other life skills that can help you deal with social pressure? You could try asking other people for tips on how to deal with situations that make you feel anxious. Try rehearsing what you will say or how you will act with a friend, or even in your mind, ahead of time so that you can feel more prepared and less anxious.

Create a practical scheduleCreate a practical schedule. This is one of the best ways you can reduce stress. Procrastination is when you keep putting things off and is a major source of stress for many people!

Start by writing down a list, or in journal things that have to be done each week. For example, you could start by writing in your work schedule – you cannot do much to change this! Now, make a list of other things that need to be done, and that you would like to do. Start by prioritizing the most important things, and fit these into your schedule first. Then you can add in things that are less important. I always find that getting the most important things done early in the day means that I am more relaxed and able to do things I enjoy once I know that these things have been accomplished.

You can also find ways to make more effective use of your time – can you use commuting time to read, study or listen? 

Creating a workable schedule that includes enough time for rest and relaxation can be a challenge, and you will definitely find that your schedule will have to be flexible and will probably change a lot! But once you have craked this skill, you will find that you will feel happier and less stressed.

Work.Life BalanceMaintain a good work/life balance. If you feel that you are working too hard and not spending enough time with family, or not getting enough rest, it may be time to take a serious look at your job and think about making a change. Can you talk to your employer and ask about reducing your hours? Or working from home a couple of days a week to cut down on travelling time? If all else fails, it may be time to look out for another job if possible. Even if it means less money, or a less exciting job, it is well worth it in the long run – both physically and mentally.

Develop healthy habits – get enough sleep, exercise and a balanced diet. If you are not eating and/or sleeping well, you will almost certainly contribute to your stress and anxiety. 

There is one really important thing that we can change that will help not only with stress, but with all other areas in our life. To find out what it is, click here!

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  • Really liked the information you posted, Nicola, about dealing with stress. Think many friends will appreciate it. I clicked the link to the website with additional information about how attitude can make the difference. Very practical and thought provoking information! Thks! Keeping posting more like this?

  • Thanks Lisa! I am glad you enjoyed it. I will be adding more articles soon so please stay in touch 😉

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