Broloppet 2010

On June 12th this year, Donal will be participating in a half marathon stretching from Copenhagen to Malmö.

He has run a the “Streets of Galway” a number of times, and is in training for the big event!  Unfortunately this icy weather has suspended training for a while.. but he will be back in business as soon as it clears!

We are hoping to try to raise some money for the Jack and Jill foundation that has been so good to the Crabb family. I will post a link to our fundraising page once it is up and running!

Any training tips? Encouragement? Suggestions? Please comment!!!

Nicola Keegan

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2 thoughts on “Broloppet 2010

  • I am going to start training for a local marathon and I am using a program developed by Marrius Bakken. It’s a really good system, I am just throwing it out there for those who are interested in a good system.

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