Site Hosting

Site Hosting Service

If we have set up a WordPress site for you in the past (not Weebly) and you want your site to stay online you must have it “hosted”. (Click here to read about hosting).

Please note that we no longer set up bespoke websites, but we do sell websites that we have already created – see websites for sale. Also, we do not provide hosting for any new sites.

With our hosting plan we renew your domain name free of charge. If you click on the button below you will be subscribing to our monthly hosting plan. This subscription will continue until you cancel it. Please note that if you cancel your subscription your site will go offline and there will be no refund. You will then need to make alternative arrangements to have your site hosted and your domain name renewed annually. We would be happy to help you set your own hosting account; this would be cheaper!

This is for hosting only – you must manage the site yourself (update it, create new content etc.

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