The Story Of My Hair

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with pretty blonde hair.  One day, she discovered some grey hairs.  Off she went to Boots to buy some hair colour, and the tale begins.

All went well for a few years, until one day, she came up with the bright idea of buying a colour a few shades darker so she wouldn’t have to colour it as often. Great plan, she thought..

Not so great plan as it turned out.  Unlike the pretty ash blonde on the box, it turned GREEN!! So off she went to Boots again, and bought a warm light brown to “fix it”. Now the brown was ok for a few days – a whole new look for our heroine, but after a few washes, the horrible GREEN started to reappear.

What should she do? Well, she toddled off to her hairdresser who said that the only solution would be to put in a few lots of highlights, and after a few times, the green would go. Perfect!! So every couple of months, our re-born blonde went to the hairdressers for her blonde highlights.  All was well for a while.

Then disaster struck once again – the happy blonde lost her job. Uh oh –  no more highlights for her. Was this the end? Would things ever be the same again?? 

Boots to the rescue again. After a painfully long wait (just in case a job turned up), and some painfully obvious roots, there was no other choice but to buy a box kit of highlights.  My very patient and careful husband did a wonderful job of using what looked like a crochet needle to poke small bits of hair through the very attractive cap – and Voila – our blonde was back!

Well, problem solved you might think.. But alas, no, it was not to be..

Three months or so and no job later , the evil roots had reappeared with a vengeance.  No fear – back for the highlighting box! But all did not go well… the blonde went waaaay too light, and looked very fake.

Our poor heroine was doomed.  The only thing for it was to go to the hairdressers again if she had to beg, steal or borrow to do it.  “Please Mrs Hairdresser,” she said, “Can you darken my horrible fake blonde hair and make it look like it did 15 years ago?  Here is a photo of how it used to be.” 

3 hours later – one red toning treatment, a few highlights, another colour, and a very horrible amount of money later – out of the hairdressers stepped… a BRUNETTE once again.  Our heroine has yet to decide what she makes of the whole thing – it is  definitely no dark blonde.. but it is actually quite nice. A bit on the dark side perhaps.. 

So what is she to do??? Can you finish this story??

To be continued…..

Nicola Keegan

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5 thoughts on “The Story Of My Hair

  • May 13, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    …… and she was gorgeous forever after and never strayed too far from her natural colour again 😉

  • May 14, 2009 at 8:20 am

    Too right!! you are stunning no matter what so whats there to solve or finish!?!

    LOVE thy hair and it will be not be long before’t LOVES thee back!

    “What’s gone and what’s past help
    Should be past grief.”

    The Winter’s Tale (III, ii, 223-224 )

    EMBRACE thy roots!

    Mwaah, Xx

  • May 14, 2009 at 8:24 am

    we want pictures though!! ha he 😉

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  • August 10, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    I feel ur pain, alto i found out why my hair turned green, it turns out if your water is acidic it will turn the water green (copper pipes turn green in acid) and therefore the beautiful blonde hair will soak up any colour in the water i.e. green, i taught my mum was being mean when she said i had green hair, until the hairdresser said the same. i went alot darker, and was very glum, so i gradually went with highlights and am fully blonde, i do often want to go darker to save the pennies, but i feel happier as a blonde and plus it suits my pale complexion. happy irishmolly 🙂

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