Summer Fruit!

Summer is the time of year when we all appreciate fresh, healthy food options. But fresh and healthy doesn’t have to mean boring and tasteless.

There is an absolute abundance of different fresh, in season fruit available that can liven up your table. This last month, we have been making some delicious fresh fruit salads, packed with juicy exotic fruits – like pineapple, mango and melon. Served with a dollop of whipped cream and vanilla sugar, what could be more refreshing?! There are many local places to buy your fruit – local markets are always great for in season produce. Or you could try some online suppliers – especially if you want to try to find something a little different, like this online French fruit supplier.

Using fresh fruit in desserts probably comes to mind first, but why not try using fruit in your main meals sometimes? Some fruit lends itself perfectly to the cuisines of India, Morocco and Lebanon.

If you would like to pack even more fresh fruit flavour into your food, why not try some fresh fruit purees from a high quality fruit puree supplier ? These will keep longer than your fresh fruit, and will give you even more intense fruit flavours. Make sure that you buy top quality purees. Why not try freezing the puree and making a zingy sorbet? Or blend it up with some natural yoghurt or icecream for a delicious milkshake or smoothie? Use fruit puree as the basis for refreshing summer cocktails – experiment with combinations that you love!

And simply spooning fresh fruit puree over some yoghurt, ice cream, or rice pudding is simply delicious. We recently made some rice pudding with coconut milk as a dairy free option, and a fresh fruit puree is the perfect compliment.

Including lots of fresh fruit into your daily diet is not only tasty, but helps you to get the minerals and vitamins you need in the best way possible. 

Do you have any suggestions or favourite ways of using fruit or fruit puree in your cooking? We would love to hear from you! Why not link to some of your favourite fruit recipes in the comments below?



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