Photography Lessons

Photography Lessons With Nicola Keegan!


I am not claiming to be an expert on photography! However, it has been a hobby of mine for many, many years, and there are some things that I have learned that I would like to share.



Who Is This For?

There are any number of forums, ebooks, courses and websites that teach photography  and many of them are excellent – especially if you are more of a serious hobbyist, or if you would eventually like to try and make a living out of it. However, there is another category of people out there (I have met quite a few) who enjoy taking photos and would like to improve their ability and technique.

There are also many people (I was one of them) who bought a lovely SLR camera, and always use the “Program” settings.  There is nothing wrong with this, and you can take fabulous photos using these setting, but one of the things that really improved my photography, and that really made it waaay more enjoyable is to get comfortable using the “Manual” setting.

So, in this section of my blog, I would like to cover…

  • Understanding your camera
  • Composing great photos
  • Making the move to “Manual” – learn about  Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • What you can learn from the “Info” button
  • Photographing people
  • What other equipment to buy or make
  • If you are asked to photograph a wedding
  • Some basics on editing
  • Displaying your photos
  • Stock Photography

As I said, I am not claiming to write a comprehensive photography course – there are plenty of them around – but I am just compiling some information that I have learned, which might help you to take your snapshots to the next level!

The topics above will eventually all link to a page with the relevant lesson.