One Problem Fixed :-)

Don’t you just get the greatest feeling of satisfaction when you have been trying to fix something for ages, and you finally do it?!

An earlier post referred to a problem I was having with NextGen Gallery with displaying the albums – they were coming up as a long list rather than going accross the page.

I think that the problem lay in not understanding how “Galleries” & “Albums” relate to each other using NextGen.  I had only put one “Gallery” in each “Album”.  When I changed that today to putting a few “Galleries” into each “Album”, I noticed that they were displaying accross the page more or less how I wanted them!

Yipeeee…. One problem down, only a zillion to go 🙂

I am currently working on the “Squished Product Thumbnail” problem in my shop, and the “Displaying Very Bad Quality Images In My Photo Gallery” problem.

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