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I love to enter competitions… I will enter anything that I find online – and I NEVER EVER win anything. The closest I ever came was when I was about 3 years old and I won 3rd prize in a Rupert the Bear comic competition, and I won a comic annual.

In December, Donal and I were strolling around Liffey Valley, and there was a stand advertising a special offer that a company called Covergirl Studios had where you could go and get a makeover and have some studio photos taken. I thought it would be cool as I don’t really have any nice photos of myself as I am usually on the other side of the camera lens, and the last good photos we had of Donal & I together were from our wedding. Anyhow, I went home and looked up there website, and there was a competition that I entered and forgot all about it. So I get a phone call about a month ago saying I had won 3rd prize, and I could go and get the makeover and photos done! I have to admit that I jumped up and down a bit the delight from actually having won something.. 30 years after the last win! About time too…

So I was pampered for a while first – had makeup done and hair styled, and then we had loads of photos taken. It was actually very interesting purely from a “professional” point of view to see what it is like being on the other side of the camera. It really helped that the photographer was very specific about poses – particularly how to put your hands as it can feel kind of¬†awkward. If I ever do any more photography jobs, I will be more conscious to help the client pose and position their hands!!

So here are the results!!

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