Another Glorious Day!

 Today we had temperatures of 27 degrees and over 🙂  

I know that this isn’t really news for most of you reading this – but here in Ireland, its BIG NEWS! Huuuge big news!

We have had a long weekend of totally wonderful sunshine.  We went to our first BBQ of the year on Sunday (compared to none the whole of last year – that’s how bad it was).  Apart from delicious food, we played a bit of one-handed rugby (see exhibit  photos 1-3), and then a few rounds of poker. Fun, fun, fun..

Yesterday we were out in the ministry for while, and then I actually joined the lads playing 5-aside soccer.  I managed some dreadful shots, and lost the ball a few times – but overall I didn’t do too badly .. for a girl 🙂  I even scored the winning goal!! (Although I think that may have had something to do with the fact that everyone was hot and tired by that time and couldn’t be bothered to run!).  I managed to get dreadfully burned though as the sun was sooo hot!

Today I had to come up with an excuse to be outside, while at the same time supposedly doing something useful, so I went round garden centre with mum, and then we tried to put together some boxes for her garden.  She has been trying to dig out some flower beds in the garden, but the soil is just a pile of builders rubble under some dried up old grass, so Tim suggested doing something like their “Square Foot Garden“.  So we spent the afternoon putting together some boxes (see photos 4 &5!).  It was a little tricky as the drill battery was a bit flat, so we had to do a lot of it by hand, but we managed to get two boxes made, and filled one with soil.  We are hoping to plant some sweet peas, lettuce, rocket, spinach, coriander, carrots and more. Hopefully the sunshine will continue to shine on mum’s little garden and may there be salad and flowers for all!!

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